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Choosing a life partner and Well Fed courtship

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(What is courtship)

 Choice Approach

 Courtship – life building Factors

Misunderstanding and the positive tools

Functional responsibilities of the Fiancée & Fiancé

Ten things that make love go aflame in courtship

Conclusion & Prayers









The advanced learner’s dictionary defines courtship as “Treating with respect the other partner to get something: trying to win the favor of a woman” The Webster encyclopedia dictionary defines courtship

as wooing, period of time such wooing takes place.

Another book says, “Courtship is the art of trying to win the affection of a person with marriage in view.”

Courtship can also be defined as the period when for the first time a young man and a lady can have a discovery of the joy of being special to each other.

The major issue in courtship should be to build a healthy

acquaintance with each other.

To spend the courtship days kilometers apart and seeing each other occasionally defeats the purpose and robs it of its most valuable asset (togetherness in staying with each other discussing and praying

for the future).

However, sometimes, this ‘ugly’ situation is inevitable. For instance if your would-be partner is in school or working in another state of the country, or travelled.

Mrs. Pearl said: “What makes courtship exciting is the continual working on each other.”

When the young people courting are sincere, talk effectively and are positive in words on each other, their future marriage will develop a strong resistance that can stand the storms in marriage.

Courtship should also provide opportunity for communication with each other whenever the couple meets to discuss their joys and sorrows during the day(s), week(s), or months(s) of the year.

This attitude is important and it should be applicable during trying moments.






In modern times the choice of a partner is one of the most difficult exercises to carry out. Yes, the issue of choice is a serious business, for it depends on God and you. It is difficult because of many distractions and uncertainties. Many young people may see

the person they feel may be their would be partner, but somehow they later discover that they are not the right partner for such person. This proven fact has made choice more difficult.

God has given us the liberty to choose who to marry, but with this right of choice comes the responsibility and the harvest of that choice.

In choice making there are primary and secondary

priorities to be considered; they are as follows:


The primary priority in choice making is to hear from God Almighty, who can give a life partner. Gen: 2: 18b says: “I will make a help-meat for him.”

There must be seeking of the Lord’s face to help you locate and recognize the one for you. For instance, Abraham’s servant was sent by his master to get Rebecca, as wife for his son Isaac under divine

guidance, and there was no mistake, miscalculation or confusion.


The secondary priorities to be considered include educational background, health, social class or status, the physical structure of the individual, material disposition and accustomed association. This priority is important but must not take the place of the primary priority.

Every living and sane unmarried youth has standards or requirements he/she may want the spouse to have, but it has been discovered that the job will be done easily, if your standards or requirements

of choice making are given to God for divine review and approval. This fact will naturally liberate you from the spirit of confusion, fear and uncertainty.


Approach is the third and very crucial step to making choice. It has being discovered, that a lady could be GOD’S choice for you, but if the techniques of approach are not done right and prayerfully with

all wisdom and understanding from God, you will get a negative answer, this may make you think she is not God’s choice for you, or otherwise.

The following points should be noted:


As much as a lady has a strong instinct and desire to marry, her natural physiology does not want an “aggressive approach” from any man whatsoever. Such aggressive approach may be as follows:

(a) “I will want to marry you, and I need your positive answer now, or within 24 hours, if not forget it”

(b) “I saw you in a vision, we were already at the altar, so agree you will marry me.”

(c) “I dreamt that we have already wedded, so let us go and see your parents.”

(d) “If you want me to marry me, I must prove you,


These are just few points to note:

Such diverse approaches have proved to be “criminal” in nature, because it has made mess of many lives. This same young man or woman will say the contrary, when the trials and tests of the courtship starts, or when he or she sees somebody considered better. The heart of the man or lady becomes broken or torn to shreds. The courtship most of the time hits the rock.

However, one of the best ways to approaching a lady after seeking the Lord’s face is through diplomatic means. This approach will make the environment look natural and relaxed when the proposal is made later.


Many men have used money or material power to

facilitate the lady’s positive response.

This method most at time fails. However, if her response is positive, the relationship often collapses when those things are no longer within reach, or the relationship may be endured.

Ladies that sparingly need a lasting relationship do not honor these mediums of asking for a positive response; rather they go into prayer and ask God for direction and certain confirmations.


As long as the lady would want the young man’s visits. She does not want frequent visitation with the purpose of eliciting a positive response from her. She expects him to make minimum of visits and give her time to think and pray about his request.

One of the most favored approaches to a lady, is when the man simply tells her, “ I love you very much and will like you to be my wife. Please take out time to pray about it, but let the period

of your reply not be too long” During the waiting, try to keep your mind on a neutral state in prayers. It is important then to wait for her response, which of course may not be long, due to the soft manner

of approach.

If you actually prayed and have God’s guidance and the manner of going about your proposal was descent, it has been discovered that nine-tenth of the time, the response is positive.

If the response is unequivocally positive, both should plainly declare their heart before the Lord, and their future life. But if her response is No! Please go back to God for guardians. One marriage counselor says: “When you believe or know that a certain one is God’s choice for you, seek God’s blessing upon your courtship. “You may have your difficulties and differences, at times it may seem as if your love for one another has grown cold, but the anointing of God wills always keeps the relationship going.


It is very important that you take note of the following biblical injunctions?

1. Don’t just go for beauty, or handsomeness, It will surely fade. (Proverb 31: 30)

2. Don’t just go for money, it may grow wings and fly towards heaven (Prov. 23: 5)

3. Don’t just go for material possession, it may be

destroyed by fire or thieves may carry them. (Matthew. 6:19)

4. Don’t be deceived that by being close, your relationship is choosing a Life Partner & Courtship Vol. 1 (Habakkuk Publications) approved by God.

5. Please go for Partner God has prepared for you.



The duration of courtship depend on many factors, such as the:

(a) Those in courtship

(b) Parental opposition

(c) Economy etc.

However, it is not the Lord’s will that the courtship should break up because of any of these factors.

Break-up at this crucial point shows that their love is not strong enough to withstand problems. The courtship should be long enough to ascertain your love for each other.

Give value and get value.

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